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Anicca Data Financial Portfolio Managment

Anicca Data wants to make achieving your financial goals possible.

Data Solutions for Investment Managers

Anicca connects thousands of financial details to maximize the returns of customer investments. 

Share Price Forecasting

Anicca Data ingests real-time financial market data, news feed data, twitter data and provides the dashboard for share prediction. 

Risk and Growth Profiling 

Determine your risk and growth profile with Anicca Data technology to determine proper investment asset allocation and overall portfolio management. 

Commodity Value Predicition

Anicca Data provides forecasts for commodities for the next four quarters and short-term market predictions. predicting prices by evaluating various factors including demand, seasonal trends, and real-time financial market data.

Visual Dashboards 

Anicca Data financial portfolio management dashboards keep investment managers up to date with portfolio performance and asset allocations. The real-time data allows managers to make informed decisions and change allocations based on market trends.