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Enterprise Grade AI and ML Solutions

Global Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

Geo-Deployment of Applications at Data Centers, Windows/Linux OS enhancements, and Azure Networking.

Independent Software Vendor of Intel Corp.

Academic Partnership with
The University of Texas at Austin


Our Partners

Anicca partners with organizations to bring in global impact using computer vision, data architecture, and edge-compute technology driven solutions. Engineers and Scientists work in collaboration with major market leaders for creating innovative solutions to address their customer needs.


Our Partners

Anicca partners with prestigious academic institutions like Texas A&M and The University of Texas at Austin on innovative projects spanning robotics and other cutting-edge fields. Engineers and scientists team up with top researchers to push the boundaries of innovation, developing next-generation solutions that drive transformative advancements across industries.

Our Products

Provide domain specific applications and  implementation services with in-house development.

Anicca Diagnostic Robotic Solutions

Enhance operational efficiency and maintain security standards by automating periodic and non-contact inspection tasks

Supply Chain Platform

The Inventory Planner suite of products provides algorithms and visualization, for demand forecasting, safety stock, sell-through, recommended buy, optimal inventory, lead & cycle time, replenishment, and allocation modules. The data can be shared across EDIs.

Anicca Vision

A multitude of computer vision applications for Road Traffic Management & Simulation, Drones Identification, Space Debris look out by GEO satellites, and restaurant operational metrics for drive through, kiosks, and front counters. 

Edge Computing

Anicca edge hardware and platform solution brings compute power to the doorsteps of the data. The edge technology makes iOT and computer vision applications a reality.


A comprehensive Learning Management System for offering classes, training, and interactive sessions. 

FAVO Academy

A dynamic e-learning platform, providing high-quality, accessible, and personalized educational experiences to empower students worldwide.”

Abstract Lines


"Transform business processes using a platform, an application, and an algorithmic approach."

Anicca Data Science Solutions focuses on big data services and algorithmic products to efficiently operate business processes.

Anicca builds data platforms with AI/ML applications for addressing many modern-day business challenges.

The experience in data space spans across multiple domains with numerous use cases.

Anicca team strongly believes in transforming the business processes with data driven decision making.

Applications and Data Integration

Anicca's applications seamlessly integrate to both in-house and cloud data infrastructure

Plug In To Any Model Framework

Ingest from any data source

Image by Jurij Kenda

Your team has done a great job of setting up the dashboard in a way that makes it easy to manipulate the data in just about any way we’ll need to see it.

Customer & Business Insights Manager, McDonald's 

Image by Nicolás Varela

“Speed is awesome. It’s so fast… Excited to get this one out there! I want to subscribe my agencies and field teams to ALL the views”

By Tyler McSweeney

Digital Field Marketing Manager, McDonald's

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