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Enterprise Grade AI and ML Solutions

Anicca is an Global Strategic Partner for Microsoft

Anicca is an Independent Software Vendor for Intel Corp.


Our Partners

We are thrilled to be partnering with organisations which try to make a global impact using vision, architecture and technology driven solutions. Working hand to hand with them gives us immense pleasure in developing world class solutions for global use.

Our Products

We Deliver Exceptional Engineering Solutions and Services Around the World

Anicca Supply Chain Platform

The Order Accuracy  product suite of Anicca provides algorithms for demand forecasting, recommended buy, lead & cycle time, margin, and revenue optimization.

Anicca Vision

An End-to-End custom-tailored platform for
building, deploying and maintaining vision applications.

Edge Computing

The Edge computing Anicca brings data processing power at the edge of the network, closer to source of data

Favo LMS

Unleash the power of education with Favo, your comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS)

Abstract Lines


"Transform business processes using a platform, an application, and an algorithmic approach."

Anicca Data Science Solutions is the one stop shop from objective to accomplishment in the data driven world. Our focus is to provide big data services and building algorithmic products to help business houses in process efficiency. The skill of Anicca is in putting together data platforms and applications with AI/ML solutions for addressing numerous modern day business challenges. The data space spans across multiple domains with numerous use cases. Anicca is on a mission to explore those strings of data and find insights that drives performances of the business practices. Anicca team strongly believe in transforming the way businesses operate with data driven decision making.

Applications and Data Integration

Anicca's applications seamlessly integrate to both in-house and cloud data infrastructure

Plug In To Any Model Framework

Ingest from any data source

Image by Jurij Kenda

Your team has done a great job of setting up the dashboard in a way that makes it easy to manipulate the data in just about any way we’ll need to see it.

Customer & Business Insights Manager, McDonald's 

Image by Nicolás Varela

“Speed is awesome. It’s so fast… Excited to get this one out there! I want to subscribe my agencies and field teams to ALL the views”

By Tyler McSweeney

Digital Field Marketing Manager, McDonald's

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