Anicca Data Science Solutions

Enables Business Transformation with Artificial General Intelligence  



Computer Vision --- NLP --- Supply Chain 

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Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Artificial General Intelligence
Data Science Products for the future landscape of eCommerce world


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Our Expertise

AGI Transformation

Data Access Platform

Inventory Platform 

Alerts and Simulations Intelligence

Data Warehouse

Single Source of Truth

Customized Tables

Intelligent Indexing

Date Lake

Data Integration

Real-time Streaming Data


Batch Data

Data Processing

ETL Jobs

Distributed Processing

Data Management

Data Access and

Intelligence Layer

Data Quality

Data Governance

Master and Reference Management

Data Security

Analytics and Reporting

Machine Learning Algorithms

Data-Driven Decisions


Self-Service Data Prep

Secure and Compliant

Anicca Data is here to help you from any stage of your business's data journey and can integrate securely into the existing data pipelines.


Customized Data Science Solutions

Anicca Data Science offerings are highly customizable with granular control over almost all visual design elements including interactive charts, graphs, maps, predictive analytics, and more.

Anicca Data’s tailored data intelligence approach empowers business users with an entirely governed experience that allows them to create and share relevant and actionable content. 



Anicca Data provides complete Big Data solutions to today's top global brands. 

Anicca provides the fastest large-scale computing of business data content and supports customer engagement and conversion with state of artificial general intelligence modules, personalization algorithms, numerous Rest API services, and beacon/block chain technology.