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From Digital Images to Business Metrics - All under a single solution.

An End-to-End custom-tailored platform for
building, deploying and maintaining vision applications.

Anicca Vision Industry solutions 

Anicca Vision is a computer vision platform that allows for the development, deployment, and operation of a wide range of real-world computer vision applications.

Anicca Vision's Hardware 

We tested the solution on various devices and we recommend our users to use Intel NUC devices.

Why to use Intel NUC?

  • Less Form Factor

  • Low Price as compared to other GPUs

  • Highly Portable

  • Faster Processing

  • Production ready

  • Scalable

  • Higher Node availability

Anicca Vision's Platform 

We host our solution and products on Microsoft Azure to maintain high availability and proper infrastructure maintenance.

Azure Components we use:

  • Service Bus

  • App services

  • SQL Database

  • Azure Arc

  • Azure Log Monitoring

  • AKS

  • Azure VM

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