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Space Debris Detection

With the satellite population doubling every five years, the potential for devastating collisions rises with every launch. Where the conventional methods fall short, leaving our critical space infrastructure vulnerable to disruption and damage.

Anicca Vision, our cutting-edge computer vision solution, delivers the rapid and precise launch detection and object identification needed to navigate this new space race, safeguarding vital communication networks, ensuring reliable navigation, and protecting national security.


Space Debris Detection Capabilities


Swift Launch Detection

We excel at integrating diverse data sources seamlessly, that can enable near-instantaneous space launch detection.


Precise Trajectory Forecasting

Accurate predictions of ascent trajectories and orbits enhance response planning and threat assessment.


SDA Sensor Integration

Anicca Vision offers seamless integration with solutions such as Space Domain Awareness (SDA) sensors, enabling immediate target acquisition and tracking.


Enhanced Threat Assessment

By rapidly identifying space launches and objects, our CV technology strengthens security, reduces response time, and minimizes the risk of operational surprises.


Real-time Object Identification

Our specialized CV technology identifies and classifies objects within seconds, ensuring operational readiness.

Space Debris Detection in Action

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