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Anicca Vision Traffic Solutions (AVTS)

AVTS Revolutionizes Traffic Management

Anicca Vision Traffic Solution addresses traffic challenges by using dynamic traffic management, pedestrian safety measures to reduce congestion, improve safety, shorten commutes, and boost economic productivity. These initiatives enhance the community's well-being and air quality, creating a more efficient urban landscape.

AVTS Metrics

Anicca Vision is a powerful tool that leverages the capabilities of traffic cameras to detect vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles. The data collected from these cameras can be visualized in a dashboard to provide comprehensive insights

Speed detection

Stop/Yield violation

Illegal parking detection

Vehicles in wrong lane

Traffic signal solve

Pedestrian lane crossing 

Heavy motor vehicle detection

Bicycle tracking

Anicca Vision Traffic Solution Demo 

Speed Analysis at Bellevue Mercury Coffee Jn

Vehicle Identification and Classification at Bengaluru 

Wrong Lane Vehicles Detection 

License Plate Detection

Illegal Parking Detection

Anicca Vision Traffic Solution Dashboard 

Explore real-time traffic data with our intuitive dashboard

AVTS Simulator

Anicca Vision Traffic Solution Simulator Application is a computer vision platform that provides a comprehensive solution to simulate traffic scenarios, customize traffic density, and gain insights into traffic conditions.

Simulation of Bellevue Traffic

Simulation of Bengaluru Traffic

Our Partnership with Bengaluru Traffic Police

At Anicca Data, we take pride in our collaborative efforts to bring about positive change in traffic management. We partnered with the esteemed Bengaluru Traffic Police to create and implement our groundbreaking Anicca Vision Traffic Solution (AVTS). A Collaborative Approach to Smart Traffic Solutions


AVTS in Action: Computer Vision Models at Balekundri Circle, Bengaluru, India

  • Working closely with the Traffic Commissioner and his dedicated team, we harnessed the power of Computer Vision (CV) and cutting-edge technologies to analyse and enhance traffic conditions at critical junctions.

  • Our collaborative journey led to the development of AVTS, a powerful tool that empowers traffic authorities with comprehensive data, actionable insights, and the ability to make informed decisions.

Anicca Vision Eco System

Anicca Vision is a computer vision platform that allows for the development, deployment, and operation of a wide range of real-world computer vision applications.

Key Features

  •  ​Accurate vehicle detection and tracking using advanced algorithms and models,

  • Gathers information on vehicle direction, speed, and driving habits,

  • Robust performance in various lighting, and weather conditions,

  • Handling complex scenarios like speed variation and lane changes.


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