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Drone Detection

An escalating concern involves the unauthorized infiltration of drones targeting military bases and national borders. These drones carry payloads designed to compromise security by dismounting sensors and delivering small ammunition, posing significant risks to critical infrastructure and civilian structures.


Drone Detection Challenges


Undetected Infiltrations

Traditional radars often struggle to track small, agile drones, leaving security blind spots.


Payload Risks

From delivering explosives to deploying biohazards or triggering electronic disruptions, drone payloads pose diverse and unpredictable threats.


Adaptive Tactics

Drone operators constantly evolve their tactics, requiring adaptive defense systems that can keep pace.


Urgent Response

Timely detection and intervention are crucial to mitigate damage and prevent catastrophic consequences.

Anicca Vision for Rapid and Adaptive Drone Defense

We’re redefining drone security with advanced computer vision integrated into existing infrastructure. Our solution delivers:

  • To counter the escalating threat of unauthorized drones targeting military bases and national borders, we offer a cutting-edge solution.

  • Our solution seamlessly integrates advanced computer vision into existing security infrastructure, enabling swift detection and response.

  • This enhances operational readiness by mitigating risks to critical infrastructure and ensuring a rapid, adaptive defense against evolving drone tactics.

Witness the effectiveness of our solution

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