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Inventory Planner

The supply chain product suite of Anicca provides algorithms for demand forecasting, recommended buy, lead & cycle time, margin, and revenue optimization.

Demand Forecasting

Forecasting demand at various product hierarchy levels. Customised data pipeline to read the product hierarchy and produce forecast. An event & market intelligence based forecasting approach to address volatility in demand.

  • Hierarchical forecast for planning 

  • Uncertainity bounds to address market volatality 

  • Accuracy measurements for performance

Replenishment System

Merchandise planning & reorder quantity products using economic order quantity and weeks of cover modules. Using anicca's replenishment algorithm, buyers & planners have ability to make decisions based on product turns and payment terms.​

  • Demand Forecasting of products & items(with size)

  • Lead time prediction & variance

  • Order cycle analysis

Recommend Buy & Sell through analysis 

Recommended buy quantities are calculated based on on-hand, on-order inventory, and lead time level forecast. An optimal recommendation of quantity by time is developed to facilitate purchase-order planning.

  • Recommended buy quantities at SKU level

  • Final quantities for placing PO

  • Sell through analytics dashboard

  • API integration to transactional systems

Alert and Simulation Engine

Simulation models to capture demand influencing factors and adjust forecast along with recommended buy. Alerting mechanism to notify product inventory levels

  • Demand variance-based sell through projection

  • Identify and augment out of stock scenarios

  • Proactive aged inventory mapping

  • Gauging Lost opportunity

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“Speed is awesome. It’s so fast… Excited to get this one out there! I want to subscribe my agencies and field teams to ALL the views”

-- By Tyler McSweeney
Digital Field Marketing Manager, McDonald's

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