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Order fulfilment life cycle 

Sales and Market Influencer data driven Order accuracy with feedback mechanism

The supply chain product suite of Anicca provides algorithms for demand forecasting, recommended buy, lead & cycle time, margin, and revenue optimization. A simulation module to trace the saw-tooth for replenishment and sell-through for allocation inventory paints complete product journey. The plug-ins to order management system and fulfillment facility carves the path for end-to-end process map.


E-Commerce Fulfilment

  • From receiving orders, processing, picking and packing from sellers, inventory management and shipping, things can be predicted based on past order processing with the same sellers with similar orders. 

  • Sometimes the fulfilment models can be self-fulfilment or 3rd party fulfilment or drop shipping which also can be taken care along this process.

  • Sit back, relax and watch our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineers provide a sense of realtime forecasting for various subprocesses.

How does Order accuracy help?

  • Gain loyalty from your happy customers with the best in class delivery estimates. 

  • Reduce your estimation errors in third party logistics.

  • Strengthen your own KPIs and strive through success

Why to use order accuracy?

  • 65% of the sales come from existing customers. Infact, 80% of the future sales will come from 20% of the customers.

  • Incorrect orders and their estimates often lean to customer complaints and sometimes churning. 

We provide solutions for

Set an order accuracy goal

Improve your inventory management

Incentivise employees for accurate orders

Tracking orders

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