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Applied Computer Vision
on Videos & Images

Computer Vision encompassing field of image/video processing and use cases 

Utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to enable machines to analyze, understand, and interact with visual data, leading to increased efficiency, accuracy, safety, and cost savings across a wide range of industries and applications.

Computer Vision encompassing field of image/video processing and use cases 

Improved Accuracy

By reducing human error and bias, Anicca Vision can improve the accuracy and reliability of visual analysis. This can lead to better decision-making in a wide range of applications, from quality control in manufacturing to medical imaging in healthcare.

Increased Efficiency

Anicca Vision can automate many tasks that would otherwise be done manually, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. For example, detecting defects in manufacturing processes or to analyze medical images to assist doctors in making diagnoses.


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Large Scale Restaurant Chains

Restaurant chains have direct application of Computer Vision. It helps businesses to understand their customer needs and improve ineffiencies at drive throu and inside restaurant. An End-to-End vision application helps to drive customer engagment and provide recommendations for the businesses.

  • Wait time at drive through

  • Improving order to delivery accuracy

  • Cleaniness score inside the resturant

  • Social distancing indicators

Retail & Shopping Experience

Using computer vision retail stores can enhance their customer experience by finding disengaged zones in the store and improve assortment planning.

  • Improving assortment planning

  • Understanding customer touchpoints

  • Real time social distance metric

  • Wait time analytics (Peak & Non-peak)

  • Productivity tracking

  • Detecting theft situations & alarming