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SYD Stocks

Power of Anicca's "Photon"

Anicca's Photon enables time series forecasting 
with strong mathematical insights for Stocks

Features of  Anicca's "Photon"

How Anicca's "Photon" works?

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Features of 

  • Provides daily and hourly forecasting of stock market prices (NYSE)

  • Provides forecasting of Fortune 100 companies.

  • Auto Arima models are used to generate the forecasting prices

  • Users/Customers can subscribe on a monthly and annual basis to view the forecast prices

  • The website provides free forecasting of 3 stocks.

  • Market influencing news and seasonality is taken into consideration while forecasting the prices

  • Back-error correction is done every time the forecasting model is trained.

Anicca's Products by using "Photon"

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